Bill Tatro is an economist and radio talk show host that delivers insightful, timely content for investors and those who have an interest in the political economic structure here and abroad. Everyday, Bill provides the following content:

  • Bill has been a regular contributor to for years, and provides a regular column on the state of the economy and looks deeper into what's behind the news that fuels the world economy. You can receive these before the articles are published to various news outlets by subscribing to his newsletter updates on this site. There are generally about 2-3 articles emailed per week and you can unsubscribe at any time. Shortly after stories are emailed, they will appear here in the weekly articles section.

  • Bill Tatro publishes a comprehensive report that dives deep into many aspects of the economy, and is rich with images, text, and video commentary to create a great multimedia experience that is intensely informative. Bill spends quite a bit of time preparing this product and publishes multiple releases every month. It' s All About Money Newsletter (formerly called MacroProfit) is available on this site by clicking here. This subscription gives you complete and total access to all of Bill's past and future content.

  • Bill's regular practice provides a wide range of products and services for families and businesses, and has a team that provides solutions for estate plans, trusts, reverse mortgages, and even life coaching. This total solution is offered as a part of Bill Tatro's commitment to the five key areas of focus the GPS for Life plan: Health, Wealth, Family, Business, and Faith. To learn more about the products and services his company offers, go to

  • Bill does speak at engagements regularly, and when those are offered to the public they are presented on this site. If you'd like to request Bill for a speaking engagement or interview, fill out this form.