On February 28, 2015, Bill Tatro made the decision to cancel the daily radio show, It’s All About Money. In some incarnation, this Podcast Logoshow has been around since 1999. It original debuted in 28 major markets, and in the last decade it has been featured in New York, Atlanta, Southern California, and Phoenix, Arizona, where Bill currently resides.

Bill’s decision was one that was not made lightly. Bill’s MacroProfit Newsletter (available here) is where most of his energy is audioarchivesfocused, and the time it took to produce and deliver a one hour, daily show was just too great. The good news is that for less than 50 cents a day, you can find most of the same news delivered in text and audio form by subscribing to the MacroProfit newsletter. You can even try it free for 7 days! It’s available on this website by clicking here.

While it is not featured on the radio or free on-demand, the archives are still offered on this website, through smartphone apps, and through iTunes as a podcast. Below we have links to all apps available to stream and download the program on your iPhone or Android phone.

To listen to past shows using your computer or smartphone, click on any of the links to jump right to the appropriate downloads – here are the options to pick up the show;

iphone appiTunes Site

Google Play

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