Apparently I Was Wrong

I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong. Apparently hope and change IS a strategy.

We’ll talk about US Manufacturing numbers for August. You heard me talk about the biggest miss in 11 previous months for the July report, so we’ll look at the surge in August numbers.

We’ll also look at the Philly Fed numbers (manufacturing). It should go hand in hand with the puchasing numbers right? Well, they saw the highest surge since March of 2011. I’ll explain.

Also, Janet Yellen and the folks over at Jackson Hole will be ending their session tomorrow, and we’ll talk about her strategy, how her tone is much different than Ben Bernanke’s, and what to expect.

And, the subtitle of this show should be Numbers. We’ll talk about this – what’s the number to stay out of jail? Well, BofA may give us insight.

Thanks for listening!

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