As We Enter Earnings Season

earningsAs we enter the earnings season it is quite apparent that a shift is taking place on who will be carrying the GDP load going forward.
A sea change has occurred, a bell rung and a bubble has burst in the corporate world. No longer are stock buy backs enough to carry the load. Left to its own devices GDP continues to struggle to show any semblance of real growth as promised by the Central Bankers.

Historically at this point it is usual for the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) to step forward and do its thing. We are not disappointed. The war of words between East and West are heating up as NATO (us) responds to Russia’s incursion into Syria. Crank up production. Not to be out done by the MidEast we are going toe to toe with China in the South China Sea as we send our warships to encircle the man made islands and try to regain our prominence. Engage the wheels of Militarism.

As always the MIC can be counted on whenever the Economy shows signs of wear and tear. It’s no different this time. Therefore,everyone on full alert.

War is dead ahead! All in the name of GDP.


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