Avocados at $4.75?

    • Avocados at $4.75. Inflation or something else?
    • Industrial output NEGATIVE (down) .3{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613}, imports NEGATIVE (down) 3.7{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} yet when added together TRUMP’s economists get POSITIVE .7{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} enough to bring first quarter GDP in at 3.2{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613}. Would you call that FUZZY math or outright LYING?
    • Another example of the 2+2 government theory. WeWork converts a $193 Million loss to a $233 Million gain through a new gimmick called “Community Adjusted EBITDA”
      My Grandfather would have been so proud. AND MYSTIFIED!
    • It’s all classic late-cycle signs!!!


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