My New Podcast!

Welcome to the next phase of my content! As you may have heard, I am producing my content at no charge and only ask that if you enjoy the content – share it with a friend or colleague.

Those of you familiar with podcasts, you can visit this site for regular podcasts, or consume the podcast at all major podcast platforms.

This page is for those less familiar with podcasts. You may have been a subscriber to It’s All About Money – and trusted that in order to hear the show, you simply visited this page with your laptop, PC, or phone, and pressed play. It’s very simple to hear my podcast, and much more widely accessible. If you have any questions, review the options below or click ‘Contact Us‘ at the top of the page and submit your question. We want to help you find the easiest way to get access to my content.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is simply digitally recorded and stored content that is put in order of release.

Where can it be played?

It can be played from your phone, PC, Mac, or anything that can play an mp3 file. You can even have it playing on your phone, and connect it to your car speakers with Bluetooth. Have a question about your device? Let us know what it is here.

What are the “major podcast platforms”?

They include the following;

  • Apple Podcasts – If you have an Apple device, you already have this app available on your phone. The place to get podcasts used to be called iTunes, but Apple put podcasts on their own special app, called Apple Podcasts. If you’re reading this from your Apple device, click here and you’ll be sent directly to my new podcast on your device! (If still works if you click this from a PC or smartphone – it just might open up a web browser to reach the page instead. If you want to find an app for your PC or Android phone, keep scrolling)
  • Google Podcasts – Most newer Android phones have the Google Podcasts app on their phone – click here to get the podcast on this platform.
  • Spotify – This is a popular music and podcast app. You can view podcasts on Spotify on the web or on their smartphone app.

Here are several other sites/apps that feature podcasts, including mine; Deezer, Stitcher, and more coming soon!


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