I am now beginning to understand our new President.

Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, China and even Russia have all been diversions from the real terrorist threatening our American way of life, it’s all about CANADA. After all how can you trust anyone who says ooot and abooot instead of out and about? Their currency is the Looney – seriously? If it was real money why is it trading so low?

Please people, even though we import (41% of our total) cheap oil from our neighbors to the north, making a bundle for our refineries, dominate Canadian dairy products to the point where we have a $400m dairy surplus, and control the soft wood market (think pine) to the tune of 69% we must take action and the Donald is just the man to do it. Who do these “nummers” think they are? Remember America first. Tariffs and sanctions are all bogus. The real action to be taken was depicted many years ago in the movie “Canadian Bacon“:

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