Ordering Off of a Chinese Menu

chinese-take-outOrdering off a Chinese menu was always simple – “I’ll have #1, she’ll have #2, the kids will have #3 and #4”. We’d put them all in the middle and enjoy. Always dependable. Much like the Chinese GDP which made it the dependable workhorse pulling the world’s growth engine. If you manufactured it or dug it out of the ground you were guaranteed that China would buy it. After all double digit GDP as far as the eye could see.

Oops – where did that 7% come from?

Wrong again – Evercore just said the Asian Tiger went negative 1.1% year over year. No wonder confusion reigns supreme! It would appear the workhorse not only stopped pulling but seems to have fallen over dead.

Some say buy China stock now.

I think the safer bet is #1-4.





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