An Interesting Analogy: We Are All Just Citizens of Troy

It is now apparent that the left, recognizing their inability to put forth a candidate who would be able to capture the real heart of America needed a different strategy to be undertaken. Thus a page was torn from Greek mythology. The story of Troy.

The large wooden horse which was grandiose, verbose, controversial, awe inspiring and larger than life, left outside the walls of the city was one Donald J. Trump.

Like the citizens of Troy, we foolishly dragged the false tribute inside our gates on Nov. 8, 2016. Once again we gave up our Constitutional safety and security. Also like the citizens of Troy we opened our hearts, our hopes, and our lives to the larger than life figure that promised us everything. The Trojans saw what they wanted to see and we heard what we wanted to hear.

Hidden inside the framework of “really good healthcare,” “gonna be great tax plan,” and a “beautiful wall,” were the soldiers from Goldman Sachs and the deep state of intelligence waiting to be unleashed on an unsuspecting people.

Perhaps we should have known the true intentions of the Greeks bearing gifts in this last Presidential election. When asked, if as President elect he would lay the groundwork for pursuing Hillary Clinton and her security indiscretions, as he had so stated. Trump’s response was that the Clinton’s had suffered enough. When asked about Julian Assange, whom he had praised most highly and contributed significantly to his election, on issuing an arrest warrant, he replied “OK with me.”

Should we have expected anything less from our contemporary Trojan Horse?

Once inside the gates the Greeks created total havoc as the Trojans expected so much more and got so much less. Are we any different?

Yes, we are all citizens of Troy.

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