Fab Fall

Today I’m going to cover a lot of ground – but I wanted to start by asking a few questions following the latest BIG drop in Apple stock yesterday and another small dip today: Is it make or break time for Tim Cook? And most importantly, is this a buy opportunity or time to escape the stock? They’re unveiling their smart watch and the iPhone 6. I’ll discuss it.

Also, a stunner coming out of the European Central Bank today; It was no surprise when Mario Draghi announced ABS purchases, but the shocker was that the ECB was cutting rates.

The ADP numbers and Jobs Friday are coming out tomorrow – we’ll discuss.

I’m also going to talk to you about ISM numbers (the August Manufacturing Report) showing the highest rise since August of 2005.

And in our 5@2, Deflation: you know I’ve talked about it, but what is the best investment you can make with pending deflation?

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