First No Job Now a Wave of Evictions

  • First NO job now NO place to live as January will see a WAVE of EVICTIONS
  • In the 30’s Farmers grew enough to feed everyone, but millions went to bed hungry every night. Today as we move towards the holidays the store shelves have RECORD LOW INVENTORIES – yet containers are full to the brim. No cargo ships are available and the rent for shipping is at record levels. GO FIGURE!
  • With money plentiful and rates cheap, according to Goldman Sachs, here come the mergers and acquisitions and there goes thousands of more JOBS.
  • I really can’t make this stuff up! So what happens if neither candidate gets the electoral majority. Then it gets REALLY FUN.
  • It is POSSIBLE that Harris or Pence could be the next President without anything happening to Trump or Biden. SURPRISE SURPRISE

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