It’s All About Money -The Homogenized Mass

Periodically my mind wanders and takes me outside the proverbial box. Having just recently watched a video of people in Venezuela pillaging through an empty and deserted mega grocery store in search of something to eat I couldn’t help but think that most Americans would respond by saying “it couldn’t happen here”.

As the hyper inflationary collapse continues and Argentinians are faced with 65% increase in prices, the second highest murder rate in the world and chronic food and toilet paper shortages I was struck by the fact that the people looked and acted as though they could have lived in Phoenix, Baltimore or even Manhattan. The dress was the same, the actions the same, but most important, everyone was either talking into or recording with their cell phone.

Other than a Muslim dominated community or perhaps the Amish, everyone in the world today looks the same. In the past you could tell whether it was a city in France, Chicago or Hong Kong. Today, however, everyone is cut from the same mold. Shorts, jeans, polo or T-shirts have become the world’s uniform and of course, clutching tightly is the ever present smartphone.

The world has, for the most part, become one.

Most would contend that this is a good thing. However, going outside the box it would seem to me that what has happened is that it has simply become easier to control this homogenized mass.

To control, undermine or even the invasion of a country is no longer done one at a time. Since everyone is connected by the net and their trusty phone it simply takes a well coordinated effort
to get either one’s message out or one’s objective accomplished.

In addition as we’ve most recently learned the cell phone has become a device to be monitored, measured and even used for tracking. Privacy is a thing of the past whether you are in Moscow, Buenos Aires or LA.

Oppressive governments of which the US is one and Central Banks which, of course, the Fed is also one have a much easier time when the mass act, think and even all look alike.

The smartphone and Steve Jobs may be lauded as the best thing since sliced bread but it just may turn out to be the beginning of the end for civilized man and that includes those of us in the good old US of A.

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