The Week in Review for May 26, 2017

On today’s Week in Review I’ll talk about the following;

  • Another record market week as the fundamentals continue to deteriorate, but who really cares?
  • It’s only logical that as OPEC keeps cutting production the US steps in to fill the void
  • It’s only logical rates are going lower – You don’t need to be on CNBC or be a rocket scientist to understand simple LOGIC
  • Could it be a top in Toronto house prices when they went up 33{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} yoy in March and 25{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} yoy in April? LOGIC would say yes!
  • and Trump’s trip? Success, failure, or just something in between?

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