The Week in Review for June 23, 2017

It’s the week in review and of course there is a lot to talk about. I’ll talk about the following;

  • Complacency is the attitude of “I don’t care”
  • Emerging market debt is the last bastion for yield seekers – just like 2007
  • Purchasing Managers Index collapses for both manufacturing and services as Trump’s 3{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} GDP looks a little doubtful but who cares?
  • Obamacare made the headlines this week and it got me to thinking WHY are we in the medical mess we are? My take may surprise you.
  • McDonald’s going all kiosk and your friendly local bartender could be on the verge of being “Bezos’ed” (Amazon) That you should care about!!!!!!!

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