FREE Week in Review for February 9, 2018

It’s the FREE Week in Review (and what a crazy week). Here’s what I’ll be covering…

  • An ugly week up and down the board
  • Trump want 1.5 trillion more for infrastructure but congress gave him 20 billion do we really need any of it? NO NO NO NO NO
  • Economic reality ULTIMATELY comes to the top

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This week, I published the following articles to keep my subscribers updated;

  • A Record Day – and Déjà Vu 1987 – (published Monday, February 5)
  • Was Volatility the Culprit? – (published Tuesday, February 6)
  • The Inventor of the VIX – (published Wednesday, February 7)
  • I Blame the FARMERS – (published Thursday, February 8)
  • And this review that I’m offering you for free…

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