The Week in Review for March 16, 2018

It’s the Week in Review..

  • Larry Kudlow the new Director of the National Economic Council – Are you serious Mr.President?
  • UMich sentiment index soars to a record high but who is really feeling the love?
  • The Atlanta Fed says GDP first quarter, which had been predicted to be 5.4{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} is now going to come in under 2{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613}. Quoting that great philosopher Gomer Pyle: “Goooooolllllllly.”
  • A technical breakout has appeared in the strangest of places but there is money to be made.

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