The Week in Review for September 7, 2018

It’s the week in review (Weekend Edition)…

  • The Phillips Curve makes a comeback as wages for August show an increase, a SCORCHING .4%…imagine that.
  • Betting on the Phillips Curve made it a very nice weekend for one trader $10 million in just a couple of minutes
  • A reunion of sorts. Former and current global central bankers met this week to figure out why we are in the mess we are in. No mirrors were allowed in the meeting room for obvious reasons.
  • BOA is out with a report that talks about Central Banks drying up liquidity.. Hmmmmm it seems they’ve been eavesdropping on IAAM.


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With his passion for economics, Bill Tatro has been entertaining audiences on the radio and in seminars for over 30 years. Bill’s dynamic and no nonsense style has made him one of his stations’ most popular show hosts.