The Week in Review for June 21, 2019

It’s the week in review…

    • But I won’t talk about the students being traumatized by a George Washington mural nor will I talk about Joe Biden and slavery. You might think that I would talk about Xi’s trip to North Korea or Trump’s delaying the bombing of Iran. Wrong again! I am captivated, no discussion, that there are more suicides today since World War II. So much for a great economy.
      So what shall it be? Gold, Oil, Treasuries and Trucking. I’ll try to keep you awake.
    • The law of supply and demand hits home as the fire continues to rage at a refinery in South Philly
    • In an emergency it looks like the Treasury auction will still function. I AM SO RELIEVED that we can continue to go deeper into debt.
    • It’s not looking good for the trucking industry.



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