The Week in Review for July 10, 2020

  • So the Robinhood folks think Mr. Buffett has lost it, heh? Delta’s cash burn, people firings, and the advent of ZOOM conferencing may have portended catastrophe for the entire Airline industry. Not such a bad sale Warren!!! The Billionaire may still just have it?
  • Sec. Mnuchin says goodbye to that extra $600 bucks a week, if your sitting home binging on Netflix, come July 31st.
  • The FED bought half as much in the bond world this week and the repo market has slowed down so I guess we’re getting back to normal. DAMN I wish that UNICORN whould stop interrupting me!!
  • A one percenter, CEO of Galaxy Digital gives us his thoughts (MY BULLET POINTS) to go into the weekend.


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