Information is NOT Knowledge

dtrumpSit in a restaurant and notice the number of people who are texting not talking. Walk down the street and count the number of heads buried in their phones. Look around at the next stop sign and marvel at the one handed dexterity of the driver, texter and smoker all rolled into one.

Twenty four hours a day the American public is bombarded with information. Whether it comes in the form of texts from our friends or the unsolicited E-mails from the great beyond our brain has become one giant trash can. Unfortunately all this INFORMATION IS NOT KNOWLEDGE.

Through the decades as the delivery system for information has become “smarter” the recipients of said information have become “dumber.” Every year the SAT scores for college bound High get worse and worse yet their hand held gaming skills get better and better. In an Educational Assessment of 50 countries recently it was not surprising that the US came in 17th behind such powerhouses as South Korea, Poland, Finland and New Zealand. USA, USA, USA, #1, #1, #1. Really???

Then when I hear the attacks on Donald Trump as statements of FACT, I simply shake my head as once again it is re-confirmed that INFORMATION IS NOT KNOWLEDGE.

  1. ”Donald Trump is the most divisive candidate in history”—The Donald may have a claim to being very polarizing. But the most divisive IN HISTORY? To accept that premise I would have to overlook several Presidential elections but most specifically the election of 1860. The first Republican to win the Presidency did so with only 40% of the popular vote. Shortly thereafter Fort Sumter was fired upon, Southern states seceded, and the Civil War was on. Obviously this little historical footnote was overlooked when tagging the Donald as THE most divisive.
  2. ”His comments about targeting families of ISIS is not only criminal it is un-American. It goes against everything America stands for and is a policy we have never had and never will!”—In order to embrace this idea we have to strike from the History books such little events as Hiroshima, Nagasaki and even Dresden. We’ll also have to overlook the so called collateral damage of the hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan who simply were at weddings, church or lying in a hospital bed. Revisionist history is a great equalizer for the soul.
  3. Trump has been bankrupt, gamed the system and therefore is disqualified from being President.” —If business success or failure were some criteria for the Presidency then we might not have had the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address, a Northern victory in the Civil War, or the unconditional surrender of the axis powers in WWII. Before during or after their Presidencies such men as Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, William McKinley and Harry Truman found themselves bankrupt. Yet they somehow found their way to make significant contributions as President of the United States. Obviously another historical fact overlooked by the protesters, perhaps not taught at University.
  4. The wife of the Arizona Diamondbacks owner has stated that she could not live with herself if in the future she looked back at this time period and had done nothing. “He is so lacking in morals.” (you define morality) Over the past weekend I have heard that accusation echoed again and again. Which leads me to believe that Mrs. Diamondback would have led the charge against the excessive drinking of President Grant. She would have demanded the removal of President Harding and his mistress and illegitimate child from residing in the White House. More than likely she would have denounced FDR’s dalliances with his wife’s social secretary. Of course she would have called for JFK to step down due to Judith Campbell and Marilyn. It is not unreasonable for baseball lady to call for the impeachment of one William Jefferson for the definition of “is”. Wait! Someone already did that. Morality is a tough one but I think something about throwing stones in a glass house says it best.
    5)”We must stop FASCISM”—According to Benito Mussolini, who was elected to make the trains run on time, Fascism means the STATE is all powerful and should run everything. This idea was not new to the 20th century but had its roots in the Roman Empire. Whether it is corporate, educational or even social, the STATE is all powerful to the total subservience of the people. Lincoln’s of, for and by the people is delusional in Fascism. Whether it was Hitler or Franco, Mussolini or Caesar, all agreed that control, by whatever means, laid with the STATE. Predating Donald Trump, the STATE of Barrack Obama has found itself controlling higher education by both funding and holding 95% of $1.4 trillion in student loan debt. The Housing Industry has seen 95% of all mortgages as government backed or guaranteed. The STATE runs the financial system that artificially suppresses interest rates and debases currency through its printing press. “Too Big To Fails” selected from varying industries, dependent on who writes the biggest PAC check. Personal travel is regulated and controlled by the whims of the STATE’S Homeland Security. Personal privacy has disappeared as NSA listens, records and files every conversation, text and email.

I agree with the protesters. We must stop FASCISM. Unfortunately had they really understood what the word truly meant they would have been taking to the barricades the moment Barrack Hussein Obama announced his candidacy.

The understanding of Fascism, Morals, Divisiveness, Military strategy and Financial acumen, from an historic basis, takes knowledge. Unfortunately knowledge is what the protesters are sadly lacking.


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