How and Why to Invest in the President

Barack ObamaAll eyes are focusing on the Presidential debates. Actually, more likely, the World Series and the Kardashians’ Fall Premier. It might behoove the American public and mainstream media to watch what the so-called “Lame Duck President” is spinning in his waning days. Most twice- elected Presidents spend the last remaining months of their Presidency solidifying their legacy built in the first term and a half. Most believed that what had already been accomplished was enough to claim their rightful spot in the history books.

Not Barack Hussein. I believe, his sole goal was the total demise of the American way of life as established by our Founding Fathers. Therefore, he will diligently continue his efforts until the last second of his presidency.

In the past year the 44th, while Hillary, the Donald and others have been promising what they will do, has set the Country, and the world, on a direction that is perhaps irreversible, even to the most well intentioned candidates.

Just a recap of the last few months only:

  • Obama bypassed, unconstitutionally, the Congress with a trade bill, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is guaranteed, much like NAFTA, to be the final nail in US manufacturing’s coffin.
  • Obama convinced the Military and the Senate that Iran was our new best friend. He signed a bill encouraging Iranian nuclear development removing oil sanctions and in so doing set the stage for a Middle East Nuclear arms race and perhaps the demise of the US Shale Oil Industry.
  • Obama led the charge to raise the debt ceiling to 20 Trillion Dollars and in so doing buried future generations under an unsustainable financial obligation.
  • Obama pounded the table for a $15 minimum wage and in so doing has watched as the number of new businesses being formed is substantially less than those closing shop. The first time in American history.
  • Obama has announced involvement of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq plus the introduction of boots on the ground in Syria. In so doing he will be going toe to toe with new Middle East behemoth, Russia. One miscue, of which our foreign policy makers are famous for, could be fatal.
  • Obama has challenged China to “blink”. He announced that the United States has the right to navigate, fly, go and do whatever it wants in the South China Sea. (See the paragraph above for the possible outcome).

With almost 15 months until the new President takes office, the “Lame Duck” seems to be anything but. What will he do next? Only time will tell. He IS on a roll.

So how does an investor/trader play such a President? Very simple. (He said tongue in cheek and after consultation with your adviser)

Sell, sell, sell and go short, short, short anything the President touches that is Americana such as US manufacturing, small business and even shale oil just to name a few.

But buy, buy, buy and go very long, long, long the Military Industrial Complex because you know what’s right around the corner. Some things are very obvious even to the well intentioned.

Now back to the Mets, Royals and the Kardashians.


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