It’s All About Money – Ya gotta love Walmart

I’m talking about China, Walmart and more weather.

The data that came out of China (where it is snowing) HSBC purchasing manager’s index reported lower than expected. Lower than the number 50 for them trends toward moving toward recession. There’s was 48.2.

China manufacturing, new orders, employment, input prices, output prices, quantites of purchases, ALL decreased. I believe that there’s a slow down in the “engine of the world.”

You gotta love Walmart. Unlike all the other companies, Walmart talks about their adjusted earnings per share and they beat them. We’ll take a look at the largest retailer in the world.

More on the Ukraine, and lot’s more on today’s It’s All About Money.

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With his passion for economics, Bill Tatro has been entertaining audiences on the radio and in seminars for over 30 years. Bill’s dynamic and no nonsense style on his former radio show It’s All About Money has made him one of his stations’ most popular show hosts.

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