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It’s All About Money is Powerful, current, and insightful. It’s packed with features and content! –   Bill's signature

Bill’s newsletter offering, It’s All About Money (formerly called MacroProfit Newsletter) offers Bill’s over 30 years experience as a market analyst, author, and economist in one package! And now Bill is offering more exclusive content, more frequent releases, and more tips to help you make better investing decisions.

It’s All About Money will feature audio commentary, tons of analysis, and interactive video to give you a deeper understanding and background into important economic activity.

Each week, Bill will publish multiple reports that feature in-depth looks into economic policy, stocks, commodities and more. His ideas have created a loyal audience of subscribers who benefit from Bill’s insightful perspective on the markets and economy.


Bill has recently introduced ‘101’, a series inside the newsletter that is dedicated to helping you understand the essentials of topics like Quantitative Easing (QE), cash, commodities and more! Bill regularly posts videos and written content to help some readers better understand these sometimes complex concepts.

Bill has offered this newsletter at a 25% discount for those who sign up for the 6-month recurring membership!

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  • I want to thank you for your very informative program and newsletter. As you often times point out, this country is in serious trouble, and not only economically. The progressive mindset in Washington is lulling the population into thinking everything is fine, not to worry. The Government is here and it will take care of you. With a complicit local press in Arizona the masses are lead to believe “all is well”. If there are problems with the country the Left tells you it’s the “Tea Party” obstructionists who are to blame. Thanks for sticking your neck out for us “obstructionists” who love this country and what it used to stand for.
    Rich K. - Listener
  • The staff at GPS for Life is incredibly attentive, and I got the immediate impression that they were going to be addressing the situation based on MY needs. Open, honest, and actually incredibly thought provoking. I consider myself a moderate expert in the areas of estate plans and my family’s security and well being, and I came out intrigued at many of the ideas put forward by those I met with.
    Bill D. – Client

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