Let’s All Just Pretend

Once again we suspend the laws of science to convince an unsuspecting public that our acts are justified.

The impact of 9-11 was felt by me on both a personal and professional level. I approached the aftermath with a great deal of emotional trepidation. I, therefore, decided to approach my analysis of the events of the day from a purely scientific basis. In other words I checked my emotions at the door.

To this day I have continued to marvel, upon extensive video viewing, at the perfection of symmetry as the towers collapsed into a pile of rubble. Only Vegas casino detonations had accomplished the same feat. I also was amazed at the ability of the airplane fuel to reach a heat level that would melt the steel structure to contribute to the perfect collapse. Never before or since has that level been achieved. What do I know, however, as a simple economist? After all, I only got a C in Freshman Science.

Once again our omnipotent leaders and the main stream media would have us put aside Scientific truths in order to justify questionable actions. The WHO and WHY of last weeks’ gas attack in Syria is just now starting to get the debate it should have received before the tomahawk attack. I’ll leave those issues to others to wrangle with. What intrigues me the most is the WHAT!

Sen Lindsey “I CAN put two coherent sentences together on Syria” Graham proclaimed a definite Sarin gas attack. John “von Ribbentrop” McCain screamed let’s go get them after that despicable Sarin gas attack. Even Hillary jumped into the fray and applauded the President for his response to the Sarin gas attack. Finally Pres. Trump said little children should never have to experience the horrors of Sarin gas.

Sarin gas, Sarin gas, Sarin gas!

Once again I, we, are asked to suspend the laws of Science.

Via social media we were brought up close and personal to the horrors of the Sarin gas attack. We also got to see the first responders, the White Helmets, who brought some degree of comfort to those men, women and children who were dying, about to die or already deceased. My compassion knew no bounds. What also grabbed my attention was the immediacy of the response team to such an horrific event. In fact that were so quickly on the scene that they obviously put their own safety at risk. Most White Helmeteers wore only sandals with no socks. Their masks were the kind most Asian wear in airports. They had no covering over their street clothes. Finally, not one person wore gloves as they touched the poison laden clothes and bodies of the attackees.

Sarin gas does not dissipate on contact. It is not a one and done. Simply put ALL White Helmets should either be dead or close to it. However acclaimed Science Professors Mccain, Graham, Clinton and Trump would once again have us suspend the physical properties of Sarin gas and the laws of science so they can all justify the Dr. Strangelove moment. No White Helmet dead, sick, or even bothered by the residual effects of the Sarin gas. How amazing.

Once again we must check our common sense at the door and blindly accept what is spewed to us. For anyone with any Science background that also must be suspended. Who needs Scientific facts anyway? Given the reality that I only received a C in Science it is very possible that I missed the discussion of the occasional suspension of Scientific laws for political purposes.

I decided to check one other source in order to see the potency of Sarin gas. I “youtubed” the Sarin gas scene in the movie “The Rock” with Nicholas Cage. I was sure that he and his associate would be approaching the gassed object dressed just like the White Helmets. I was expecting sandals, street clothes, a dust filter mask and absolutely no gloves for protective covering. I was stunned to see a hermetically sealed room, protective suits with boots, gloves and oxygen fed helmets. The immediate meltdown of the protective suits created a very dramatic panic about exposure. Apparently the Science advisor to “The Rock” didn’t get the White Helmet memo about the proper dress in dealing with Sarin gas.

So which of the two scenes is the truth, the movie version of Sarin gas or the White Helmet version? In this instance, both! But only if you assume that the White Helmets knew something that others didn’t or perhaps they did. After all who am I to question the facts and wisdom as given us by such truth sayers as Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Science. Bah! Who needs it? Let’s just make it up as we go along.

Based upon that premise I really should have gotten an A and not a C.

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