What Opportunities Has the Market Presented to Us in 2017?

The markets in 2017 haven’t given us the opportunity to buy on the dip, WHY? Will they ever? Is that normal?

Also, are earnings for real? A look at John Deere will give us our answer. and if you live in an imaginary world you are not counted in the labor pool for unemployment. You won’t believe this. I’ll also talk about the Europeans approach and two greats, Boris Becker and Sugar Ray Leonard, with different end games.
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  • 02:29 - What is going on in the market in 2017? WSJ noticed something different.
  • 08:17 - Taking a closer look at Ryan Detrick's statement about improving markets.
  • 09:10 - The model is being used not just in housing, but by John Deere.
  • 18:57 - We saw what happened to the housing market. How about the auto industry?
  • 23:14 - Let's turn our attention to the world of people. Do these surprise you?
  • 30:19 - Let's take a look at the Europeans.
  • 40:02 - A tragic story about Boris Becker.


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