Finance – The Millennial’s Real Strength


Every parent will point their finger at every other kid as the problem because their own is, of course, special and unlike their peers.

In my long ago past, I came to realize that every parent’s child was a Chief not an Indian, an “A” not a “C” student and only being held back by the people and circumstances surrounding them including me, their teacher.

Unfortunately, the reality is that whether it’s math, science or reading, little Johnny or Suzy continues to fall further and further behind his classmates of the world.

The Program for International Assessment (PISA) reports test results from 75 countries every 3 years, the last being 2012. The US kids were lucky to make the top 3rd in any category. We all should be holding our breath when the 2015 results are reported.

Texting, emailing and Facebook are not categories measured in the test. Neither are history nor finance.

However, one could make a case that US students, primarily the millennials, go to the top of the class when it comes to the understanding of the current realities as it pertains to money.

Examining an unofficial poll that I conducted most recently the grasp of reality seems to have sunk in with American youth.

Please answer as it pertains to you:

Q. The stock market.
A. A gambler’s game played by suckers where only the 1% wins.

Q. A house.

A. Something someone else owns, usually my parents. A place to stay that I don’t have to pay for. May be purchased in the future. Probably not. Contrary to what people say (Ben Bernanke) can be worth a lot less than someone paid for it.

Q. College.
A. A place you go and stay as long as you can. Paid for by mom, dad or the government.

Q. College debt.
A. Something you don’t pay but the US taxpayer ultimately will.

Q. Jobs.
A. Non-existent for my field of study. As long as I live at home I don’t need one.

Q. Your portfolio.
A. iphone, ipad and a case of Coors Light.

Q. The future.
A. 2:00 tomorrow afternoon.

Q. Joe Biden.
A. Who?

Q. Fiat Currency.
A. What?

Having conducted this survey personally, I can confidently say that the youth of America may fail at reading, writing, arithmetic, history and world events but they certainly have a true grasp of what the financial world is all about.

Give Johnny and Suzy an “A” and call them Chief.

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