“Sound” Financial Advice

coin-money-on-rollercoaster_fJi8iDId_LThis piece of financial advice has invoked much controversy. Reeves has selected periods of time that could substantiate his contention about “all in” on the stock market. Based on HIS analysis he could be right. Unfortunately many people will read his commentary and will continue the traditional buy and hold strategy. The danger is that each person is different. Each having separate goals and objectives. Reeves disregards that fact and simply gives cherry picked time frames to make those in the market feel secure and those out of the market feel they are missing the boat. He lumps everyone together and gives a broad stroked strategy for everyone.

OK Jeff, let’s play your game;

  • Everyone is affected by the federal Reserve’s decisions.
  • Everyone is affected by deflation (also the long hoped for inflation)
  • Everyone is affected by job off shoring.
  • Everyone is affected by a recession and a depression.(Jeff sees neither)
  • Everyone is affected by a cold and a hot War.
  • Everyone is affected by politics, banking, terror and debt.

In short we, everyone in the world, for the first time, are currently, in one way or the other, all in the same boat. Thank you Dr. Keynes. The outcome to some is debatable to others, such as myself, it is very clear. HORRIFIC.

“A man fell off the top of the Empire State Bldg. Half way down an observer stuck his head out a window and asked the falling man how he was doing. The falling man said ‘So far so good’.”

Jeff, don’t look down, you might see the ground, like the falling man, coming at you very quickly.


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