The Truth and Why We Need to Hear It

Many Democrats and Republicans are disturbed that Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s invitation by Speaker John Boehner was not either cleared or coordinated by the White House. Because of that “many Senate Democrats plan to boycott the PM’s speech to Congress to show solidarity with Obama.”

I would remind the Senate, Congress, mainstream media and the rest, that no such outrage was ever shown by those same folks when the 44th circumvented, and continues to circumvent, Congress and the judicial system with his abuse of Executive Orders. From waging undeclared wars to legalizing illegal immigrants his distained and disregard for historic custom and the Constitution is legendary.

The surface concern is that relations between Obama and Netanyahu, and consequently the US and Israel, will plunge to new lows. Obama refuses to meet with the Prime Minister, perhaps due to a prior commitment to the links or dinner with the fam like he did once before.

The real concern, however, is that hearing publically from Netanyahu, like Margaret Thatcher in 1985, Corazon Aquino in 1980, Benazir Bhutto in 1989 and even Nouri Al-Maliki in 2006 could be disruptive to the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran.

The irony is that even many of the progressive American Jews have drunk the Obama Kool-aid and find Netanyahu’s visit disruptive. One wonders if they weren’t living in the safe confines of the US and had to endure a daily dose of Iranian bluster which has threatened “to exterminate and destroy the Zionist cancer in the Middle East, which is the State of Israel” if they would feel the same way.”

“If a man moves in next door and threatens publically to burn your house down then starts purchasing large amounts of incendiary devices and unusual quantities of gasoline you may want to take his threats seriously.”

In sports, a team that’s behind will always avail themselves of several timeouts. It’s used to regroup, reassess and try to stop from falling further and further behind. Currently the Obama Administration has engaged in a series of timeouts/negotiations, ceasefires and even regime changes to try and stop the ever eroding US foreign policy.

In sports, the team in the lead knows when it has the other on the ropes and wants no such pause or a timeout. The majority of our enemies, opponents and even friends can smell blood in the water and see our timeouts as simply failed strategy.

Iran will get the bomb! Iran will use it! All those who today are drinking a Kool-aid will utter cries of disbelief, and think, who could have seen that coming.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, comes to remind us what the real end game will be, and that, not some White House custom, is why many do not want to hear what he has to say.


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