Does Trump Listen to This Show?

Here we go;

  • Why does 10{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} of the DOW represent 50{82ede2586bb1c0d1ebd6b8982c31d283462d3416f86f3759028bb4258e074613} of its gain since January 1?
  • Sometimes business is more powerful than National Security.
  • Is there any one left that doesn’t own the FANGs? If not then what happens after the first seller?
  • I didn’t realize that Trump listens to this blog. Yesterday I said that he was predictable and the ultimate step was WAR. Little did I think that tomorrow he would be announcing the first shot in a trade WAR with China. WOW

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