Welcome to TRUMPLAND

If it doesn’t sound logical it’s because we now live in TRUMPLAND – and only the Donald understands “The Art of The Deal.”

Follow along with me as I narrate the story of Harry, a local prominent Legislator.

Harry, after a lifetime of excessive living, well beyond his politician’s salary, found himself deeply mired in debt. Well behind the proverbial eight ball. Most normal lending sources found Harry’s predicament something that put him outside their parameters for a loan. To add insult to injury Harry was periodically singled out for verbal abuse by a “young fat kid” who lived several blocks away. Other than Harry, most took the youngsters tirades as part of a Legislator’s territory.

It seemed that all the conventional avenues to solve his problems were closed. What to do, what to do. Thinking outside the box Harry decided to approach someone who could, very quickly, solve the two problems at hand. Lenny the Loan Shark had all the capital that Harry needed and as time went on could be the main source for future funding. In addition, given Lenny’s two associates Big Al and Carmine, the threat of the “young fat kid” was quickly diminished.

That should have been the end of the story but now for the rest of the story (with a nod to Paul Harvey).

Harry’s closest friends were shocked and appalled at Harry’s solution to his problem. They continued to urge him to distance himself from Lenny publicly, yet quietly nodded approval of Lenny’s solutions. Harry proposed, in the Legislature, a bill that would dramatically impact Lenny’s bottom line while using him as his banker and protector.

Lenny was not amused. It was obvious that Harry and his friends had never heard the old adage about biting the hand that feeds you.

After becoming one of our greatest debtors and a possible deterrent to North Korea, the Donald, has decided to reward China by signing an executive order that revives a barely used law from 1962 that probes whether imports of foreign made steel are a threat to National Security. The veil is thin. Although no country is mentioned the primary focus and inevitable sanctions will be on China. The intent is to put America first by doing significant harm to another countries major industry.

The action I can understand but the timing seems to be typical “Trumpian”.

What I can’t understand is why anyone would want to deliberately piss off their banker, protector or even loan shark when it is obvious to everyone that both Harry and the Donald have a continuing need for their services.

It is apparent that I will have to dust off and re-read “The Art of the Deal” for some clarification.

In the meantime welcome to TRUMPLAND.

If you think this is a new approach a small video refresher is in order;

(In 1930 and 1971 we went down the same road with disastrous results)

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