WHAT Is Donald Trump?


You will notice that the title of this missive is not who but rather what is Donald Trump. Most everyone is familiar with the multiple marriages, bankruptcies, media forays, billion dollar net worth and really bad hair.

Nothing new to see here so move on. That is what main stream media and the Democratic AND Republican hierarchy would have you believe. I am no Trump man so on first glance they may all be right. But if by chance you can get beyond a first glance and think, really think (difficult at times for many) about this country and its greater role in World History then you may discover that something is happening here that is bigger than Donald Trump.

Today Larry Summers said (if you are not familiar with him please use Google) “The possible election of Donald Trump as President is the greatest present threat to the prosperity and security of the United States.”

Theoretically if the Justice Department concurred “the Donald” could be picked up, incarcerated, and never to be seen again. Problem solved. Where is Eric Holder when we really need him?

Thomas Jefferson once said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” There are those who have taken tjJefferson literally and picked up their guns and have had at it. Failure is almost always the end result. But these same folks were inspired directly by our founding fathers and even indirectly by Revolutions in France, Russia and even China. The cry “OFF with their heads” was very real and brought a chill to the ruling class.

For the past several years “Off with their heads” has had a different connotation and has been simply a topic of amusement for most people. That is until recently.

The decision to continue sending young men and women to die around the world simply because John McCain and Lindsey Graham couldn’t bring down Assad and George Bush couldn’t find his weapons of mass destruction is unforgiveable.

The decision to continue feeding the Warren Buffets of the world with Zero Interest Rates while millions of Americans shrink further and further into the abyss is unconscionable.

The opening of borders, both legally and illegally, so that our schools, health facilities, municipal services and financial structure are all in jeopardy, is just plain dumb.

Those who support all of the above are the TYRANTS. Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative and Socialist (you too, Bernie).

Most people are finally joining the few of us who have been warning for years that Democracy is not Freedom and Freedom is in peril.


Larry Summers and his Keynesian central bank cronies are the threat sending the world deeper and deeper into inextricable debt. Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House, is the threat as is his political associates on both sides of the aisle continue to fund military incursions to satisfy the military industrial complex. Leonardo DiCaprio accepting his Oscar, his $40 million dollar paycheck, his private fuel consuming jet and his notion that more regulations, controls and laws are needed to do away with that same fuel, is the threat.

The black students on campuses around the nation telling us how we must have sympathy for the blacks (not enough Oscar nominations) as great cities burn, they kill each other in droves and single parent families hit an historic high, are the threat.

Each day the number of Americans who have had enough is growing. Will they pick up their pitchforks and storm the Bastille? Will they march their captive to the guillotine, of course not! But they will seek out another who echo’s their unspoken thoughts and feelings.

This is the flash point and as Jefferson said, the tree of liberty must be refreshed with the blood of tyrants. That is what Donald Trump is; the collective anger of millions of American who say enough is enough.

Summers and others call Trump outrageous. What would they have said to Patrick Henry after proclaiming “give me liberty or give me death”?

We all know the WHO about the Donald, now we know the WHAT.





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