Who Really Did Win the Presidency?

Donald Trump beat Hillary for a few simple reasons. I am not counting the fact that the anybody but Hillary vote was greater than the anybody but the Donald vote. No! It seems to me that a Hillary Presidency was rejected for many of the following reasons.

Hillary would have injected us deeper into the Middle East quagmire. Much like her actions in Libya, “we came, we saw, he’s dead, ha, ha, ha,” her next focus would have been on Syria and the replacement of President Assad. Her deep seated hatred of Russia and Vladimir Putin would have pushed us once again into the depths of a cold war and on the precipice of a nuclear war.

Her inability, or refusal to negotiate, with countries like China, would put them in her cross hairs of tariff punishment which would very quickly resemble a replay of the 30’s Smoot Hawley Bill and the ensuing global trade war. Hillary’s Democratic, Liberal embodiment would have driven her to put forth spending programs on such areas as the Military Industrial Complex and Infrastructure that would have totally decimated the budget deficit and slide us further into crippling debt.

A Hillary Presidency would have seen her taking credit for an artificially driven stock market and a false numerically adjusted unemployment rate. She would have continued, by appointment, the dangerous Keynesian policies of the Federal Reserve. This path, this road, that Hillary would have taken us down was what the majority of Americans objected too. This road was what Candidate Trump proclaimed he was running against.

Unfortunately, somewhere in that moment between Candidate Trump becoming President elect Trump becoming President Trump, he must have had an epiphany of historic proportion. Either that or he had a Vulcan mind melt and became one with Hillary. Regardless, I can and so can you, visualize Donald and Hillary skipping down the Yellow Brick Road arm and arm singing “Because, because, because, because…. For all the wonderful things WE does”

Hillary did not lose!

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