The Week in Review for May 12, 2017

While all eyes were on Trump and Comey a few other things were happening in the world and they all focused around CAPITULATION.

Other areas of focus this week include;

  • AETNA say “no mas” to Obamacare and exits the market for 2018
  • Hartford could be joining Detroit and Stockton in capitulating which in this instance is called BANKRUPTCY
  • Consumers threw in the towel on inflation but the central banks threw in the towel on deflation – go figure…
  • Trump capitulates on getting ahead of his communications folks

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Show Notes: (click the time next to each entry to jump to that portion of the audio)

  • 00:20 - Intro talks about stock capitulation which is not what this is about .
  • 28:18 - I look at Trump's idea on how to handle press briefings.


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